– Sustainability and ESG reporting

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Assess and report your sustainability efforts and achievements


Reporting is the “new” game changer

Transparent ESG reporting can strengthen stakeholder trust, including customers, employees, and the wider community. Companies that demonstrate a commitment to environmental and social responsibility often enjoy enhanced brand loyalty and reputation.

Single click reporting leveraging Gen AI capabilities will help you build you sustainability persona and take it to a whole new level.


Accurate reporting is important


Risk Management

ESG reporting helps identify and manage risks, including environmental risks (like climate change impacts), social risks (such as labor practices), and governance risks (like corporate ethics and compliance issues). By addressing these risks proactively, companies can avoid potential financial losses, legal penalties, and reputational damage.


Operational Efficiency and Innovation

The process of ESG reporting often leads companies to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement, such as energy savings, waste reduction, and sustainable supply chain practices. This can drive innovation and lead to cost savings.


Improve your brand image

By publishing transparent reports, you can ensure an honest image in front of your customers thereby enhancing your overall brand perception


Regulation and Compliance

Governments are increasingly putting pressure on the corporations to adhere to emission norms which can be mitigated via timely publishing of reports


Set science-based targets and reach net-zero

Step 1

Manage progress

Manage your progress across categories and verticals on the sustainability initiatives with granular reporting across Scope 1,2, & 3

Step 2

Download report

Easy download of report compliant with BRSR guidelines and in an auditable format

Step 3

Create targeted report

Create custom reports targeted at specific stakeholders