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Collect emission data


Where it all begins: Uncover your carbon & ESG data

Fitsol’s Kyoto Platform is key to achieving your net-zero emissions. It begins with the crucial first step of comprehensive emissions data collection, crucial for accurate carbon accounting and ESG reporting. This platform simplifies data gathering from various departments and stakeholders, encompassing diverse metrics like employee commute details, office building electricity consumption, and the volume of waste produced. By consolidating all relevant data into a single, customizable, and visually engaging dashboard, Kyoto Platform enhances efficiency. It supports bulk data upload and offers user-friendly templates, streamlining the emissions data collection process for businesses pursuing environmental sustainability and net-zero goals.


Carbon data collection adds significant value


Measure your carbon footprint accurately

Completeness and correctness of data ensures accurate measurement of your organisation's carbon footprint data accurately


Understand the data better

Periodic data collection and entries help you to unlock the power of data to draw relevant insights material to your business


Deep dive into category specific emissions

Collecting data in a structured manner will provide you with the necessary clarity into direct and indirect emissions spread across scope 1, 2, and 3


Intuitive data collection

Step 1

Collect data

Streamline your data collection by integrating with our APIs or bulk uploading data into platform leveraging easy to use templates

Step 2

Organise data

Aggregate all of the organisational data under a single repository

Step 3

Analyse data

Reference the the collated dataset seamlessly across reporting years